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Euro Cotton’s mission is to offer always the best product and to provide a first class service both domes-tically and internationally.

Euro Cotton’s projection is becoming a top-level company whose continuity and soundness allow the expansion of itself and its brand in the textile market both nationally and internationally, and maintaining always an excellent customer service and high quality standards.

Euro Cotton’s work is based on principles and values, encouraging all our partners to apply them to guarantee the best product, the best customer service, and above all, to inspire them to become better persons.

1. COMMITMENT: To apply and to transmit the values and culture of Euro Cotton.
2. QUALITY: To do the job right the first time.
3. OVERCOMING: To improve what we do even what we do well.

In EURO COTTON we are specialists in the manufacture and marketing of cotton shirts with the highest quali-ty standards.
EURO -shirts are the result of over 20 years of experience in using technology and premium materials.

For over 15 years, Euro Cotton has supported institutions that help vulnerable people across México, invest-ing time, talent and resources, for the integral development of the community.
Since 2011, Euro Cotton created the social movement called TRACES OF THE HEART.
Traces of de Heart aims to develop plans to support various institutions according to their specific needs, cre-ating awareness among employees, customers and suppliers and working to meet the objectives of the plan in a timely manner .
When you buy and EURO COTTON t-shirt you are not only getting a high quality item of clothing, you are also collaborating with a socially responsible company, committed to the environment and Mexican society.